Shinoe is a singer and songwriter in various genres of music including classical, funk, soul, pops(in English and Japanese), R&B, rock and ballad music.

 She is originally from Kyushu, Japan and learned classical piano at the age of three and began her vocal studies at age of 20. After her graduation from college she's been working as professional vocalist in live performances on tour and as a recording artist. She performed both National anthem of America and Japan for the America Japan society several times.

 Shinoe spent two years on tour with Mr. Ryo Okumoto, a well-known artist who has recorded with Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Roberta Flack and Natalie Cole, to name a few. She used to be a backing vocalists for Keizo Nakanishi, a famous artist in Japan.

 Since 2006, Shinoe has been working as vocal teacher. Many of her students are working as professional singers and top artists throughout Japan.


 Shinoe had moved to the City of Angels in 2014 and performed in many events and some of them aired on local television and appeared on local newspaper. Then she moved to New York City in 2015 in order to further pursue her musical career. She studied with Stacy Penson who has worked as music director for five Broadway productions and for numerous artists in the music industry such as Alicia Keys, Angie Stone, Patti LaBelle, Brian McKnight and Kathleen Battle, to name a few.

 Having returned to Japan in the winter of 2017 with many musical experiences in the united States of America, she is currently performing and teaching famous artists such as Keyakizaka 46, Nogizaka 46, based in Tokyo. She has also collaborated with great composers of today including Ryudo Uzaki, and Yoko Aki. She is also responsible for teaching singing on the stage and musicals. Over her career, Shinoe has released 4 solo albums her new album is coming soon on iTunes.





ジャンル:R&B, ポップス, ファンク, ゴスペル, クラシック, 演歌, Jazz 3歳よりクラシックピアノを初め、20歳より歌を学び出す。大学卒業後プロ活動を開始。

2007年 中西圭三のバックコーラスとして五島音楽祭、ビルボード福岡に出演。



2015年春より拠点をNYに移しNY最高峰のゴスペルチームに所属。15人のボーカルコーチを変えて見つけ出したStacy Penson氏に師事した。

4年弱のアメリカ滞在経験を経て2017年冬に帰国し、同年11月10日に行われた佐賀市民 芸術祭のオープニングで




レコーディン グに関わったアーティストには宇崎竜童、阿木燿子など。今年6月に行われたG20大阪サミット2019関連のイベントで、某国の王族の前での単独ショーにも声がかかった。

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